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March 21, 2017
2601 Warring Street, Berkeley, CA 94720

Geohazard Mitigation Workshop

Geohazard Mitigation Workshop

December 6, 2017 595 Silver Lace Boulevard, Fernley, NV 89408

The workshop is intended for municipal design and maintenance engineers and technicians as well as consulting engineers and geologists working with soil and rock slope failures, structure distress and their repairs.

Various rockfall, landslide, slope stabilization, and subsidence case studies will be presented and the options currently available to address the stabilization and repair of various geohazards will be illustrated. Discussions will include the successful use of lower cost fixes during initial indications of instability, and avoiding larger or complete failure with the resulting repair costing many times more.

Workshop Topics:

  • Rockfall solutions (slushing, scaling, drapes, barriers, shotcrete, pinned mesh, etc.) and when to use these applications.
  • Soil Stabilization and Landslide Repair solutions (soil nail wall, shotcrete, pinned mesh, A-wall, L-wall, GCS, etc.)
  • Distressed retaining wall support and repair solutions, with discussions on repairing without removing the structure from service.
  • Compaction grouting, temporary and permanent micropile, and foundation support solutions using small diameter elements.

PDH certificates will be awarded for the workshop’s satisfactory completion, if requested.
For more information please contact Andy Bowman at or 702.234.4177


GeoHazard Mitigation Workshop
This is a no-cost workshop that also includes a complementary lunch. PDH certificates will be issued for each participant at the workshop’s satisfactory conclusion.
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